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Non Fiction Review: Hackers by Steven Levy


Book Blurb: This 25th anniversary edition of Steven Levy’s classic book traces the exploits of the computer revolution’s original hackers — those brilliant and eccentric nerds from the late 1950s through the early ’80s who took risks, bent the rules, and pushed the world in a radical new direction.

With updated material from noteworthy hackers such as Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, Richard Stallman, and Steve Wozniak, Hackers is a fascinating story that begins in early computer research labs and leads to the first home computers.Levy profiles the imaginative brainiacs who found clever and unorthodox solutions to computer engineering problems. They had a shared sense of values, known as “the hacker ethic,” that still thrives today.

Hackers captures a seminal period in recent history when underground activities blazed a trail for today’s digital world, from MIT students finagling access to clunky computer-card machines to the DIY culture that spawned the Altair and the Apple II.

–  Like the cowboys of the old west, the pioneers of the technology age were a fascinating, complex and often hilarious group of men who wrote their own rules and ultimately changed the world. Hackers is a look back into the early days computers and the personalities who led the charge for the technology we use everyday. 

Armed with a core sense of values known as ‘the hacker ethic’, these men found unique methods to deal with computer engineering issues and succeeded in opening up a whole new world for the everyday Joe. Included in the updated version of this classic book, is commentary from the pioneers such as Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak.

For anyone who enjoys working with computers, Hackers is a must-read. ~ Bron,

This title is available in Kindle version only.

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